• A world of good smell

    A world of good smell

    .. refreshing and pleasent.

  • Precious stones

    Precious stones

    ... beautiful and full of energy.

  • Herbs

    .. delicious and healthy.

Modern Healers Event

  • Modern Healers 2020

    Sunday the 07th june 2020 our museum is transformed into a energetic and alternative world. Interessted people can try short treatments or listen to lectures or simply have a chat with one of our specialists.

    Travel Green

    Adress: Knappenwelt Gurgltal, Tschirgant 1, 6464 Tarrenz

    In about 15 minutes you can reach us by bike, starting in Imst (about 30 minutes from the main station Imst).

    Or use the Postbus! The nearest bus stop is only 15 minutes away. Bus plan sunday 21.05.17:

    Imst Terminal Post   10:50, 12:50, 16:40
    Tarrenz Cafe Tyrol   10:56, 12:56, 16:46
    Nassereith Postplatz 11:08, 13:08, 16:58

    Nassereith Postplatz  11:13, 17:40
    Tarrenz Cafe Tyrol    11:25, 17:52
    Imst Terminal Post    11:33, 18:00

    Online train and bus plans: www.postbus.at, www.oebb.at

    Or travel together an meet new people! Use one of the Austrian "Mitfahrbörsen" Linkcollection and descrpition: here.

  • Modern Healers at Facebook

    Interactiv and up to date!

    Find the lates news at our Facebook site (German), including fotos and reports:  Moderne Heilerinnen Facebook

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