Walpurgisnacht 2018

Only a few pictures show what happened at our Walpurgisnacht. All our whitches, with magical lenses, where otherwise occupied!

Fotos: Iris Rataitz-Kiachl

10. Season opening 2018


Fotos: Iris Rataitz-Kiechl

Lange Nacht der Museen (national night of museums) 2017




Ruperts Handwerkerey 2017


Thanks for the great music to Schellmery from Switzerland and Rabenspîl for their children music theatre!

ORF Radio Tirol Summerprogramm 2017


Fotos: Iris Rataitz-Kiechl

Modern Healers 2017

Fotos: Peter Hild

Saisoneröffnung 2017

Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz

Fire Advent 2016


Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz

Lange Nacht der Museen (national night of the museums) 2016

Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz

Handwerkerey - Schellmery

Big thanks for the great music to Schellmery from Switzerland.

Handwerkerey - Silvia, Herrin vom Ritten



Handwerkerey - Trollfight



Handwerkerey - handicraft and portraits


Thanks to our photographers Peter Fritz and Iris Kiechl-Rataitz for some impressions of our event 2016.

Open Air Theatre - Lapislazuli

Fotos: Maria Pamer

Modern Healers 2016


Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz

Saisonseröffnung & Walpurgisnacht 2016



    Film: Ritter Requiem vom See

Feueradvent 2015


Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz

Ruperts Handwerkerey 2015

More pictuers and the full story in our local newspaper (german only): Hitte Hatte 10/2015

Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz, Mel Dehne

Modern Healers


Fotos: Iris Kiechl-Rataitz 2015

Knappenweihnacht (Advent market) 2014

Theatre Leiden.Schafft.Liebe


Fotos: Iris Rataitz-Kiechl 2014

Rupert celebration 2014

Beer & Potatoes 2014


Opening Healer Museum