• Bowturnament


    Historic bow turnament

  • Bowturnament


    ... poor fellow!

  • Livemusic


    SCHELLMERY from Switzerland

  • Craftmanship


    Even our small visitors can give it a try

  • Craftmanship


    Old technics, old knowledge ...

  • Tiroler Adlercup

    Tiroler Adlercup

    Host: Tiroler Adler - Verein für gerüsteten Vollkontaktkampf Innsbruck

  • Tiroler Adlercup

    Tiroler Adlercup

    Real swords, real armor, real fighters

  • Tiroler Adlercup

    Tiroler Adlercup

    Modern sport of a different kind

Ruperts Handwerkerey 2019

Saturday 21.09. - Sunday 22.09.


2. North tirolean HMB Turnament

Saturday 21.09. - Sunday 22.09.

  • Historic village 21.-22.09.19

    Our Museum is transformed to a craftsman Village!

    Everyone is welcome to test old craftmanship for themselves.

    Visit our craftsmen and women while exploring our museum.   

    We will take care of your well-being in our Marketenderey and bar.



    Thats how you find the Knappenwelt!



    Travel Green

    Adress: Knappenwelt Gurgltal, Tschirgant 1, 6464 Tarrenz

    In about 15 minutes you can reach us by bike, starting in Imst (about 30 minutes from the main station Imst).

    Or use the Postbus! The nearest bus stop is only 15 minutes away. Bus plan sunday 21.05.17:

    Imst Terminal Post   10:50, 12:50, 16:40
    Tarrenz Cafe Tyrol   10:56, 12:56, 16:46
    Nassereith Postplatz 11:08, 13:08, 16:58

    Nassereith Postplatz  11:13, 17:40
    Tarrenz Cafe Tyrol    11:25, 17:52
    Imst Terminal Post    11:33, 18:00

    Online train and bus plans: www.postbus.at, www.oebb.at

    Or travel together an meet new people! Use one of the Austrian "Mitfahrbörsen" Linkcollection and descrpition: here.

  • Saturday 21.09. DWARFDAY

    Troll fight an secial programm for children

    In 2019 we again offer a special program for our young visitors! Fight the dangerous trolls an free the castle from their reign ...

    Troll fight

    Only the most courageous dwarf warrios and magicians will be able to free the castel from the trolls.

    On saturday evening the brave king of the dwarfs chooses his warriors, trains them and leads into battle ...

    Green EVENT

    There was no plastic waste in medieval times and resources where used as efficient as possible! This is what we plan four our event, whicht should be as "green" as possible.

    Please heltp us by traveling green, avoid producing waste, helpt us recycle and the appreciation of our plan to "go green"!

  • Sunday 22.09. archery contest

    archery tournament

    Schellmery live!

    For the second time we gladly welcome our favorite Swiss medieval musicians from Schellmery! They will entertain us on sunday ...


    A big thanks to our sponsors!

Ruperts Handwerkerey 2017 - Review


Thanks to Schellmery from Switzerland for their music!
And thanks to Rabenspîl for the childrend music-theatre!

Video review 2016

Handwerkerey - Schellmery

Big thanks for the great music to Schellmery from Switzerland.

Handwerkerey - Silvia, Herrin vom Ritten



Handwerkerey - Trollfight



Handwerkerey - handicraft and portraits


Thanks to our photographers Peter Fritz and Iris Kiechl-Rataitz for some impressions of our event 2016.

  • Video review 2015

Ruperts Handwerkerey fotos 2015

Fotos: Mel Dehne, Peter Fritz, Iris Kiechl-Rataitz, Willi Schwarz

  • Pictures

  • Aways up to Date our Facebook Eventpage!

  • Invitation

    A sincere invitation (german) for all reenactment groups to our craftsmen days!