Esteem, reverence, respect, sensitivity, transcendence

These and other receivables presented successively as the team around planner Ing. Hansjörg Krißmer, curator Iris Rataitz - Kiechl, mine club chairman Andy Tangl and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler began to flesh out the Museum of the healer.

There ensued a stimulating - sometimes even exciting - discourse, which culminated in the active implementation and so created this unique museum.

Waiting area
The space in front of the museum offers waiting exhibition visitors the opportunity to tune into topics that will be addressed in the museum.

"Outside world"
The spacious entrance hall of the museum invites visitors to get a feel for the 17th century and what they can expect in the museum. This is done using historical securitized fates of individuals who are remembered because of hate speeches, slander, persecution, and the like. A faithfully reconstructed hearth invites to reflect, experience and try.

"Inner world"
The main room of the exhibition, the so-called "inner world", finally deals with the person of the healer, as well as all previous archaeological finds and historical scientific knowledge on this subject. Furthermore, local socio-political realities are illuminated to give the visitor a comprehensive picture of the historical Tyrol during this era. A twenty-minute docudrama about the possible fate of the healer completes this often very moving, sometimes disturbing, but definitely always worth visiting tour of the museum.

You would like to find out more about the healer?
Here you will find more information about the archaeological findings and a panoramic history!